Home Farm Glamping Veggies and Honey Delights

We like outdoor living, being at one with nature, and getting our hands dirty at Home Farm! We give our guests the chance to get down and dirty with all the gorgeous things that Mother Earth provides here at our glamping site.

Over the past few months our veggies on site at Home Farm have been growing with vigour! We're delighted to see our tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, spinach, peppers, lettuce, peas, and courgettes all taking off in our veggie patch. Guests are welcome to pick them, which the adults love as much as the kids, and we can cook them up to create a fabulous veggie feast. If you fancy spending an afternoon in our veggie patch, it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

We also have our own honey on site! Our beehive was a flat pack that has been constructed especially to create our own Home Farm honey.  Each hive is a brood box (where eggs are laid) and a super (where the honey is stored). Each hive has 10 frames of foundation beeswax and our first first colony arrived in May, followed swiftly by a second, and they are all busy bees. We are harvesting our honey in August. Whilst you're glamping you might see the owner of Home Farm, Jess, entering the hive with a full on suit, gloves, gauntlets and carry a smoker to protect herself!

So when you book your glamping break, you can also indulge in veggies and honey fresh from our land. Thanks Mother Nature!

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